Note 9 SPen Volume App

The SPen Volume control app works with SPen Remote and the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 to let you easily mute or unmute sound and change volume levels with the SPen. To use the app, you must enable SPen Volume in Settings by first setting the default SPen app to be SPen Volume. Additionally, you must enable the SPen Volume pen control buttons. Here’s how:

From Settings, select “Advanced features -> SPen -> SPen Remote -> HOLD DOWN PEN BUTTON TO” and set the feature ON then also set the SPen Volume app as the default SPen application under SUGGESTED APPS. Those settings should look like this screenshot:

You also must enable the SPen Volume pen buttons to use them for volume control. From Settings, select “Advanced features -> SPen -> SPen Remote”. Then under APP ACTIONS enable the SPEN VOLUME app to control volume up and down. That setting should look like this screenshot:

After installing and configuring the app, you can use it by long-pressing the SPen remote button. When you long-press, the SPen Volume app will open and toggle volume MUTE. The screen will briefly display “MUTE” or “UNMUTE”, depending on the new volume state. While “UNMUTE” is displayed, you can single-press the SPen button to increase sound volume or double-press it to decrease volume. Note that the app will only be active for a few seconds and will “beep” to let you know it is finished. Once the app beeps, it terminates itself and SPen Volume stops controlling sound, until the next long-press of the Spen button.

Be aware that when this app starts, any app currently in the foreground might minimize itself, for example ‘YouTube’ will minimize; however, other apps like ‘HULU’, ‘AMC’, ‘FXNOW’, ‘NBC’, ‘SYFY’, ‘TCM’, ‘TNT’, ‘The CW’ and ‘TuneIn Radio’ do not currently minimize, letting you easily ignore commercials. The SPen Volume app has no control over the behavior of other apps and can only adjust sound while it is active from a long-press of the SPen button.

This app collects no information and does not have Internet permission.

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