Service Rifle Scoring for Android

‘Service Rifle Scoring’ is a powerful marksman training aid that helps measure and improve accuracy and shooting performance for professional shooters and aspiring amateurs. Easy to use. Powerful results. Discover hidden shooting patterns or simply compare your most recent match data with your previous set of scores. Calculations by rifle selection let know which equipment you shoot best with. Calculations by match type let you know which matches you excel in. This app tracks and analyzes shots, rifle type, accuracy, timing, conditions and your history to determine how your performance changes. The app records position and timing for each shot, and also tracks: load data, caliber, bullet weight, powder charge, custom notes, location, sun, moon, wind and weather. Data can be browsed, analyzed and compared using over 100 criteria and contrast options. Complex analysis is possible.

Built For:
– Space Rifle
– AR-15
– Scoped Rifle
– F-Class Rifle
– M1A
– M1 Garand
– M1 Carbine
– Vintage Bolt
– Vintage Sniper

– Track your official shooting matches, scores and performance
– Performance Graph easily compares recent and previous results
– Statistics Charts (4 pie and 4 bar charts) show average score
– Discover hidden patterns in your performance under conditions
– Analyze shot data using over 100 criteria and contrast selections
– Automatic determination of the shooter’s classification
– Simple selection for 10 official service rifle shooting matches
– Choose from 4 target styles, 3 target sizes, and 5 marker sizes
– Create and arrange custom matches with any arbitrary course of fire
– The target zooms, pans and allows marker placement with a touch
– Ability to long-press and re-position markers or undo a drop
– Target markings compatible with NRA and CMP official scoring
– Historical and situational performance analysis reports
– Device rotation shows an alternate view of your statistics data
– Review your match history with animated ‘Match Replay’
– Numbered markers fade in color as new shots are recorded
– Automatic determination of GPS location, if enabled
– Supports ‘official’, ‘custom’ and ‘practice’ matches
– Opt-In leader-board compares your accuracy with other shooters
– Opt-In match-board shows the most recent matches by everyone
– Share your rankings and/or match results with friends
– Share your custom match configurations with friends
– Easy, single-click loading from shared match configurations
– Works on Phones and Tablets running Android 4.1 Jelly Bean or later

Download Service Rifle Scoring FREE from the Google Play Store

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